How many countries have you been to so far?
At how many schools have you taught?
How many teachers have you worked with?
How many pupils have you worked with?
How many followers do you have?
What is my main objective when you teach? 
To let pupils think outside of the box (classroom). I help them plan their dreams and help them find out what they need to realize those dreams. Inspiration, mentality and drive are key to everything. 
What kind of methods do you use and what do you believe in? 
I am a strong believer in a total package of learning in combination with life skills. If you have the right relationship with your pupils they will do anything to reach their goals. Teachers (lead learners) have to set an example. Be fresh, be fit, be energetic! Always be there for your pupils. How can we expect our pupils to be on time if colleagues arrive late? That doesn't work. We expect our pupils to go to the library and read, but we (teachers) never go. 
In my opinion gamification is a great way of teaching. Creating leagues, games, battles, challenges, formative tests. 
Digitalization works well, but to an extent. It does not play a central role in my classroom, but it definitely helps me differentiate. 
I also love movement in the classroom. Children hardly ever sit still in my classroom for 45 minutes.
And last but certainly not least: a class should work as a team. No one should be left out or left behind!!