What can I do for your school?


As you have seen on my homepage: I am  a teacher on a mission. During my adventure around the world my plan is to visit as many schools as possible. Learning the different teaching methods in all of the countries I visit, will enrich my own vision on education. Obviously, I will not be staying for long, but in the short period I will be in the country I do have some things to offer. Below, you will find the workshops, seminars or lessons that I can host during my stay. Everything is possible and if you have any questions please send me a message via the contact page


Examples of things I can do for your school:

  1. Host seminars or give workshops about my research on education systems around the world. 
  2. Give workshops about 21st century skills. 
  3. Motivational speech for your students!
  4. Give workshops about 'keeping your pupils motivated in the classroom.' 
  5. Give workshops about using tablets in the classroom.
  6. Organize team building events.
  7. Brainstorm about methods and ambitions. 
  8. Presentations about ' following your dreams.' 
  9. Any sports training. 
  10. Organize school events.